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Boat Club Membership

Get a Pittsburgh Pontoons Boat Club Membership, and for one upfront payment, you can reserve a pontoon boat at a 100% discount all year round! If you are looking for something fun to do in downtown Pittsburgh all year round, you can't beat access to a private pontoon boat whenever you want. Our pontoons are the most convenient boats in Pittsburgh, and we pride ourselves on being the most accommodating business to work with in town.

Pontoon Boat Club Membership

Imagine having your own private boat on the three rivers, whenever you want! You can come to us for sports games, family outings, birthdays, even fishing trips! No business in town offers the flexibility that we do.

You can't imagine a safer, more comfortable ride on Pittsburgh's Three Rivers than our pontoon boats. We make it as easy as reserving your date and showing up at Lockwall One Marina in the South Side. If you can receive an email and read it, we can do the rest! You will be partying with friends and family on the water in no time.

If you have any questions about membership before your purchase, use our contact form to get in touch.


Pontoon Boat Club Membership Benefits

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Members can rent a pontoon boat as often as you like! You just pay gas and a driver fee if you select a driver.

Up to 12 People

With more than enough room for family and friends, you can make sure you have a spot on the water for any occasion.

Designated Drivers

Hire one of our designated drivers and ensure smooth sailing for everybody! Or, pass the PA Boat Certification course and drive the boat yourself!

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